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Does SASSA Pay Grant Money On Weekends?

SASSA helps millions of South Africans who need money to live. Many people wonder if they can get their grants on weekends. Let’s find out!

The Short Answer to Does SASSA Pay Grant Money On Weekends?

No, SASSA does not pay grants on weekends or holidays. They only send money on normal work days (Monday to Friday).

Why SASSA Doesn’t Pay on Weekends

There are good reasons for this:

  1. Rules: The Social Assistance Act says SASSA can’t pay on weekends.
  2. Banks: Most banks don’t work on weekends, so they can’t process payments.
  3. Staff: SASSA workers need rest too, just like everyone else.

When SASSA Pays Grants

SASSA sends out grants in the first week of each month. But they follow these rules:

  • Only on weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • Not on public holidays

For example, if the 1st of the month is a Saturday, you’ll get your grant on the next Monday.

Holidays When SASSA Doesn’t Pay

SASSA doesn’t pay on these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Human Rights Day
  • Good Friday
  • Freedom Day
  • Workers Day
  • Youth Day
  • National Women’s Day

If your payment day falls on a holiday, you’ll get your money on the next work day.

Getting Your Money on Weekends

Even though SASSA doesn’t send new payments on weekends, you can still use your grant money if you already have it:

  1. Use Your SASSA Card: You can buy things with your card anytime.
  2. Bank Withdrawals: If your grant goes to a bank account, you can use ATMs on weekends.

Planning Ahead

Since you know SASSA doesn’t pay on weekends, it’s smart to plan your money:

  1. Budget: Try to make your money last until the next payment.
  2. Save: If you can, save a little for emergencies.
  3. Know Your Date: Remember when your grant usually comes.


People often ask these things about SASSA grants:

When do regular grants come?

SASSA sends most grants in the first week of the month.

What about SRD grants?

Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grants usually come in the last week of the month.

Can I check if my grant is coming?

Yes! You can check status of your SASSA Grant using our online SASSA Status Check Tool


    Remember, SASSA wants to help you. They don’t pay on weekends, but they work hard to make sure you get your grant as soon as possible on work days. If you’re ever unsure about your payment, it’s okay to ask SASSA for help. They’re there to support you!

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