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How to Fix SASSA SRD “Identity Verification Failed” Error?

Encountering an “Identity Verification Failed” error with your SASSA SRD grant application in 2024? This frustrating notification indicates SASSA cannot match your provided personal information against the records in the Department of Home Affairs database.

A common reason is a mismatch between the name, surname or ID number you submitted and the official details on file. But pinpointing the exact cause can be confusing due to the complexities around identity verification processes.

This comprehensive guide explains what the “Identity Verification Failed” status means, why it occurs, and the steps to resolve it by successfully passing SASSA’s identity checks for the crucial R350 monthly SRD support.

What does ‘Identity Verification Failed Sassa’ mean? 

The “Identity Verification Failed” message simply translates to SASSA being unable to accurately match and verify your identity details against Home Affairs records during the mandatory vetting process.

This interdepartmental verification is critical for SASSA to correctly validate the eligibility of SRD grant applicants and prevent fraudulent claims. Only once your identity is conclusively confirmed can you be approved.

Why Identity Verification Fails?

There are a few key reasons why your application may hit an “Identity Verification Failed” roadblock:

  • Incorrect Name/Surname: Any slight misspellings or differences in how your full name is entered compared to Home Affairs records.
  • Invalid ID Number: Using an incorrect or unrecognized 13-digit ID number not matched to your identity.
  • Missing Supporting Documents: Not providing required documentation like ID copies, proof of residence etc.
  • Bank Details Mismatch: Your provided bank account details not reconciling with identity records.
  • Technical System Errors: Delays or glitches in the back-end verification process between SASSA and Home Affairs databases.

How SASSA Verifies Your Identity?

To validate your identity, SASSA employs three main verification methods:

  1. Biometric Verification – Using fingerprints and other unique biological identifiers
  2. Facial Recognition – Matching applicant photos against Home Affairs records
  3. Digital ID Verification – Authenticating digital ID documents and information

Any failures in this rigorous multi-step process can trigger an “Identity Verification Failed” notification.

How to fix the “Identity Verification Failed” Status?

If you receive this declined status erroneously, the solution is to promptly submit an official SASSA Appeal within 30 days:

Step 1: Access the Appeals Website

Visit and enter your ID number and registered phone number

Step 2: Verify Your Details with OTP

An OTP PIN will be sent to your phone to confirm your details

Step 3: Select Correct Appeal Reason

Select the appropriate month and choose “Identity Verification Failed” as the reason

Step 4: Provide Supporting Documentation

Provide a clear explanation and attach any supporting documents

Step 5: Submit and Wait for Review

Submit the appeal and await the reviewed outcome

Avoid Verification Failures Upfront

While resolving a failed “Identity Verification” afterwards is possible, taking preventative measures upfront is optimal:

  • Carefully check that all identity information entered exactly matches Home Affairs records
  • Use the correct ID number, full names as reflected on your ID/birth certificate
  • Ensure documents provided are valid, legible and not expired
  • Verify banking details have no errors before submission

Time-frame for Identity Verification

Although SASSA does not provide a strict timeline, their identity verification process done in conjunction with banks can take up to 7 working days to complete. Patience is required while all checks are thoroughly conducted.

Get Verification Assistance

For applicants still struggling with “Identity Verification Failed” issues despite following the recommended steps, visiting your nearest SASSA branch is advisable.

Officers can review your case in-person, validate documents, and potentially escalate any system errors delaying your identity confirmation.


Experiencing an “Identity Verification Failed” notification is a common hurdle many legitimate SASSA SRD grant applicants face. However, by understanding the underlying verification processes, providing accurate information, and utilizing SASSA’s appeals channels, this roadblock can be overcome.

Taking a meticulous approach to satisfying the stringent identity checks is crucial to ultimately accessing the vital R350 monthly financial support you qualify for.

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