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How to Check SASSA Balance Using *130* Code?

For many South Africans who rely on the monthly government social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), keeping track of their available funds is crucial. A common query among beneficiaries is whether the 130 USSD code can be used to view their SASSA balance.

How to Check SASSA Balance?

There are several legitimate methods SASSA has provided for grant recipients to easily check their current balance. Let’s explore these options:

Using the SASSA USSD Balance Check

One of the most convenient ways to view your remaining SASSA grant balance is through their USSD service, directly from your cellphone:

Primary USSD Code

  • Dial *120*3210#* and initiate a SASSA balance inquiry
  • Follow the voice prompts to key in your 13-digit SASSA identification number
  • Select the balance check option when prompted
  • Your latest SASSA grant balance will then be vocalized to you
  • Quick, automated balance checks anywhere, anytime

This primary SASSA USSD balance check code is fast, secure, and available 24/7 without requiring airtime or data bundles. If this code doesn’t work, try the secondary option below.

Alternate USSD Code

  • Dial *120*69277#* to start a SASSA balance inquiry
  • Enter your ID number and phone number when prompted
  • Your current SASSA grant balance will be sent to you via SMS
  • Also allows automated balance checks from anywhere

Check Your Balance via SASSA WhatsApp Chatbot

For those who prefer messaging, SASSA has an official WhatsApp chatbot to check your balance:

  • Save the number 082 046 8553 as “SASSA” in your contacts
  • Send a WhatsApp message saying “SASSA” to begin the automated chat
  • Follow the prompts to select the balance inquiry option
  • Enter your 13-digit ID number when requested
  • The chatbot will confirm your latest SASSA balance right in the chat

Utilizing SASSA’s WhatsApp bot enables seamless balance inquiries through the app.

Online Balance Check on SASSA Website

You can also log into the SASSA online portal to view your grant balance details:

  • Visit and log into your online account
  • Navigate to the “My Grants” section and click “My Balance”
  • Your current available SASSA balance will be displayed
  • Securely access balance info and manage your account online 24/7

This paperless option allows you to check your SASSA balance privately online.

In-Person at Your Nearest SASSA Office

Alternatively, you can visit your local SASSA regional office for an in-person balance inquiry:

  • Bring your green barcoded ID book and SASSA card
  • Request a balance check at the customer service desk
  • The staff will look up and provide your latest SASSA grant balance
  • Get personalized service and assistance with any queries

An in-person visit ensures you get detailed balance information directly from SASSA.

In Conclusion

While the 130 USSD code cannot be used, SASSA has made it simple for grant beneficiaries to check their balance regularly through various convenient channels:

  • The SASSA USSD codes
  • The SASSA WhatsApp chatbot
  • Online at
  • In-person at regional offices

Routinely monitoring your available SASSA grant balance enables you to effectively manage your funds according to your needs. Don’t let your social grant go unchecked – utilize these methods to stay updated!

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