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How Much Must you Earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant?

Do you need financial assistance from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)? Understanding the income thresholds is crucial to access these vital social welfare programs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how much you must earn to qualify for various SASSA grants in 2024.

Applicant’s Income Eligibility for All SASSA Grants

Social Relief of Distress Grant

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides temporary support during difficult times. To be eligible, your monthly income cannot exceed R624. This grant targets those experiencing extreme poverty for a short period.

Child Support Grant

The Child Support Grant (CSG) helps caregivers raise children under 18. The income limits vary based on marital status:

  • Single Caregiver: Monthly income below R5,000
  • Married Caregiver: Combined household income below R10,000

Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant (CDG) assists with caring for severely disabled children. The income caps are:

  • Single Applicant: Monthly income below R20,800
  • Married Applicant: Combined household income below R41,600

Disability Grant

The Disability Grant supports individuals with disabilities. The income thresholds are:

  • Single Person: Monthly income below R8,070 or annual income below R96,840
  • Married: Combined household monthly income below R16,140 or annual income below R193,680

Income Caps for Senior Grants

There are three primary social protection programs for the elderly – the Older Person’s Grant, Grant-in-Aid, and War Veteran’s Grant. These grants for senior citizens follow the same income rules:

  • Single Senior: Monthly income below R8,070
  • Married Senior: Combined household monthly income below R16,140

Foster Child Grant

The Foster Child Grant has no income requirements, regardless of your earnings. It aims to cover the costs of caring for a foster child.

Income Eligibility Chart for All SASSA Grants in 2024

Assets Are Also Considered in Income

Make Sure You Qualify

Many applicants are denied SASSA grants due to exceeding income limits. Thoroughly review the criteria for each grant type to increase your chances of receiving this crucial financial support.

SASSA follows strict rules to provide assistance to those in genuine need. By understanding and meeting the income (and asset) requirements, you can access these vital social assistance programs during challenging times.

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