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How to Fix SASSA SRD “gov payroll registered” Error?

The South African Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides crucial financial aid to unemployed citizens during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many applicants faced frustration when their SRD applications were denied with the “gov_payrol_registered” error, indicating they were incorrectly flagged as currently employed by the government.

What is the “gov payroll registered” Error?

This rejection notice means the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) identified you as presently working for a government entity based on payroll records. Since being unemployed is an eligibility requirement for the SRD grant, if you are employed, even by the government, you cannot receive SRD payments.

What to Do If You Get the “gov payroll registered” Error?

If you believe this determination is inaccurate, you can appeal SASSA’s decision by submitting an Application for Reconsideration:

Step 1: Visit SRD Website

Visit the SRD website’s reconsideration page

Step 2: Apply for Reconsideration

Click “Apply for Reconsideration” and provide your ID and mobile number

Step 3: Submit the Details

Follow the steps to submit details and supporting documentation

    Proving Your Unemployment Status

    To successfully overturn the “gov_payrol_registered” rejection, you must provide clear evidence that you are currently unemployed:

    • Unemployment Affidavit: A signed/stamped statement declaring your lack of employment/income
    • Termination Letter: Proof of a recent government job departure with end date
    • Bank Statements: Showing no incoming salary from any government employer

    Possible Reasons for the Error

    There are several potential causes for receiving this error message incorrectly:

    • Outdated payroll records still listing you as a government employee
    • Recently leaving a government job but still flagged as employed
    • Someone fraudulently applying for SRD using your ID number
    • Technical errors by SASSA validating employment data

    Following Up on Your Appeal

    After submitting your reconsideration request, persistently follow up by:

    • Calling the SASSA SRD Contact Center for status updates
    • Visiting your nearest SASSA office to inquire about the appeal
    • Checking the SRD website for your SASSA SRD Status

    Be patient but proactive, as appeals can take significant time to process.

    Ensuring Accurate Future Applications

    If your appeal is denied, take steps to apply properly as unemployed for any new COVID-19 SRD rounds or support programs:

    • Obtain current unemployment affidavits as proof of jobless status
    • Verify government payroll records list you as unemployed
    • Complete applications carefully stating you are currently unemployed
    • Use non-government bank accounts without previous payroll deposits

    By providing complete and accurate information upfront, you can increase your chances of avoiding the “gov_payrol_registered” rejection for unemployment aid you may qualify for.

    The SASSA SRD grant aims to assist South Africa’s unemployed during difficult times. Following the proper steps to document your jobless status can help ensure you receive the financial support you need.

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