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How to Collect Your SASSA R350 Grant at ShopRite in 2024?

For unemployed South Africans receiving the vital R350 grant from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), collecting your money just got more convenient. SASSA has partnered with ShopRite, Africa’s largest supermarket retailer, to allow grant beneficiaries to withdraw their funds directly at any ShopRite retail store nationwide.

This guide explains how to change your SASSA payment method to ShopRite and the simple process for collecting your R350 grant at their stores in 2024.

How to Change SASSA R350 Payment Method to ShopRite?

To start withdrawing your grant at ShopRite, you first need to update your payment method with SASSA:

Step 1: Visit the SASSA Website

Visit the SASSA website and go to the “Banking Details” section

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Verify your identity by entering your ID number and contact details

Step 3: Change Payment Method

Select “Change Payment Method” and choose “ShopRite”

Step 4: Confirm with OTP

Enter the one-time PIN sent to your phone to confirm

Step 5: Wait for Processing

Wait around 14 days for SASSA to process the new payout method

How to Collect Your R350 Grant at ShopRite?

After updating to the ShopRite payment method, you can easily withdraw your SASSA grant by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit ShopRite

Visit your nearest ShopRite during business hours

Step 2: Request Payout

Request an R350 grant payout from the cashier

Step 3: Provide ID and Phone Number

Provide your ID document and phone number used for SASSA

Step 4: Show SASSA SMS

Show the SMS from SASSA confirming your approved grant amount

Step 5: Cashier Verifies

The cashier will verify your details and grant status

Step 6: Collect Cash

Once verified, you can collect the full cash amount owed

The entire process takes just 5-10 minutes at the ShopRite till for a fast, secure payout each month.

Documents Needed for Collection at ShopRite

Be sure to bring these important documents with you to ShopRite:

  • Your original ID book or asylum document
  • The phone number you used to apply for the SASSA grant
  • The SMS notification from SASSA stating your approved R350 amount

How to Change SASSA Payment Method From Post Office to ShopRite?

If you currently receive your SASSA grant at the Post Office or other payout channel, you can easily switch to the more convenient ShopRite option. Simply follow the first steps above to change your banking details and payment method to ShopRite.

This allows you to skip the long queues and collect your R350 grant at any nearby ShopRite instead of the Post Office.

For All SASSA Grant Types

The ShopRite payout option is available for all the grants provided by SASSA, including:

No matter which social assistance you receive, updating to the ShopRite payment method provides an easy, secure way to access your funds each month.

A Modern Solution for Grant Payouts

By introducing ShopRite as a new, widespread payout option for grant beneficiaries, SASSA is modernizing and streamlining the way millions of South Africans receive their vital social grants.

Follow the simple steps above to take advantage of this convenient solution for collecting your R350 grant in 2024. The painless process at ShopRite stores will ensure you get your money quickly each cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee to collect the R350 grant at ShopRite?

No, there are no additional fees charged when withdrawing your SASSA grant money at any ShopRite store.

Q: Can I collect other SASSA grants like child support at ShopRite?

Yes, the ShopRite payout option is available for all SASSA grants including child support, old age pensions, disability grants, etc.

Q: What if I don’t have the SASSA SMS showing my grant amount?

The cashier can look up your grant status in the SASSA system as long as you provide your ID number and registered phone number.

Q: Can my family member collect the grant on my behalf?

No, only the approved grant beneficiary can collect their SASSA grant after proving their identity at the ShopRite till.

Q: How long is the grant amount accessible for collection?

You have around 3-4 months to withdraw your approved SASSA grant amount before it expires and is recredited back into the system.

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