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How to Fix SASSA SRD “Age Outside Range” Error?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provides crucial temporary financial aid for those facing hardship. However, strict age requirements must be met to qualify, leading some applicants to receive an “Age Outside Range” rejection notice.

What Is the SRD Grant Age Criteria?

To be eligible for the SRD grant in 2024, applicants must be between 18 and 59 years old. If SASSA’s records show you are 60 or older, you will get an “Age Outside Range” status, as you no longer meet the criteria. This is because once you turn 60, you can apply for the Older Person’s Grant instead of SRD.

Older Person’s Grant Option

For those 60 and above, the more suitable grant is the Older Person’s Grant from SASSA. In 2024, this provides:

  • R2,110 per month for recipients aged 60-75
  • R2,160 monthly for those over 75 years old

The Older Person’s Grant aims to assist with basic living costs for South Africa’s elderly population.

Fixing the Incorrect “Age Outside Range” Error

If you have been wrongly rejected for SRD based on age, follow these steps to resolve the “Age Outside Range” error:

Step 1: Contact SASSA

Call 0800 60 10 11 or visit your nearest office, providing your ID details. Confirm if SASSA’s age records are correct per your ID document.

Step 2: Verify Documents

Ensure all supporting documents (ID, bank statements, etc.) reflect your accurate date of birth. Resubmit certified correct copies if needed.

Step 3: Application Follow-Up

If SASSA confirms your eligible age, request they reassess and process your SRD application. Follow up regularly for status updates.

Step 4: Submit Complaint

If the age error persists despite providing proof, submit an official complaint to SASSA outlining steps taken.

Step 5: Appeal the Decision

As a last resort, formally appeal any SASSA decision to deny you SRD for falling outside the age range, including all documentary evidence.

    Exploring Other Grant Options

    If it is definitively confirmed you do not meet the SRD age requirements, explore alternative grant programs you may qualify for:

    Remember, applications undergo periodic reviews, so you can reapply if your age or circumstances change in the future.

    The SRD grant aims to provide relief, but strict criteria like age ranges exist. However, by persistently providing accurate evidence and exploring all available options, you can maximize your chances of receiving the support you need.

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